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This year the team behind Eyesymetric will be creating a fully immersive 360˚light installation for you to get lost in, that will take over one of the largest areas inside the mansion.

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Aphra Shemza is a London based new media artist working with abstraction, interactivity and light. Exploring New Modernism in the 21st Century, Shemza’s work is multidisciplinary making reference to Modernism with a renewed optimism.

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Aaron Mears Aka Zaron Mizmeras is an artist who works in a variety of media. By applying pure abstraction & absurdism, he’s attempting to develop forms that do not follow logical criteria, but are based entirely on subjective associations and formal parallels, which incite the viewer to form new personal associations. This year Zaron will transform the front of Baskerville hall using light and projections to transform the building by night.

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We’ll be opening up a third room for music during the nights. That’s being designed by the incredible Morestatelab , whose nightly performance last year totally blew us away. Anyone present in 2017 will know just how excited we are for this.

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London-based designer focused on transforming spaces using light and sculpture. The returning artist will be creating a site specific work outside the house.

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Tom’s works are unique analogue photographic prints, the study of the occurrence in plastic birefringent materials when viewed with polarised light.

The manipulation and magnification of light reveal an abstract pallet of colour, texture and form, set in photography’s accountability to the real. We are super excited to showcase what he has in store for us.

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Mowgli is a London-based multimedia artist and performer. He is interested in the fusion of art and technology, he exhibit and perform internationally. His work fuses experimentation and improvisation, often questioning perception and the nature of reality.

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The lighting and visual based  production team Visua create the main stages for KALLDA and are an integral part of  team. This year  Visua transform the mansions 19th century renaissance music study into the tropical Jungle, with an epic light backdrop.

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sthisit? is a platform for contemporary art founded in 2016 by its current director, Bob Bicknell-Knight. Online, it operates as a gallery producing monthly exhibitions showcasing emerging to mid-career artists, hosting a roster of guest curators experimenting with the medium of the internet to interrogate a variety of concepts

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As a visual artist Peter work’s in a range of disciplines producing Painted, Photographic and Printed art works. He focuses on a user centered approach to the development of visual designs, which are applied to surfaces in architectural situations.

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A series of short films exploring how those at the liminal edges of masculinity position themselves within their society.

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Louis and Rosy are a London based duo creating installations and performances. From the silly to the serene their work takes many forms using light, sound and touch to engineer immersive and interactive experiences.

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We explore the possibilities within visual art, film making, sound design and everything in between.

We also create unique visual displays that bring products and environments to life. Cinematic backdrops that coincide with the atmosphere of a specific happening.

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Sheffield Doc/Fest is a world leading and the UK’s premier documentary festival, celebrating the art and business of documentary and all non-fiction storytelling.

Operating in the heart of UK,Sheffield Doc are a hub for all documentary and non-fiction storytelling across all platforms, from feature length to shorts, and including interactive, augmented reality, and virtual reality projects. We will be showcasing a range of shorts for out Sunday program.

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The team behind the legendary late night cinema are bringing it back. Patrick chamberlain & Joseph Gainsborough presents a wet and wild video extravaganza.

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